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Our dyno isn't your average basic set of rollers. We carefully selected the best on the market, the amazing MAHA MSR 500 4wd/2wd rolling road. The most accurate on the market capable of accurately measuring run down losses.

The equipment is the same as that installed at Porsche, Toyota Motorsport and BMW M Power, amongst others. Unlike other rollers our front and rear rollers aren't connected directly. Instead the MSR 500 utilises electric motors, very accurately controlled and able to generate huge torque. These motors enable the rollers to turn at the same speeds but are capable to apply different forces if necessary. This means our dyno can cope with variable torque systems such as in the GTR and with Porsche's 4wd models.


MSR 500/1 CAR
Single Roller Dynamometer for cars up to 2500 kg axle load, one-axle version

  • Powder coating:
    -  Control cabinet in window grey, RAL 7040
    -  Side walls in anthracite grey, RAL 7016 

Measuring Program:

  • Power measurement at constant RPM, speed, tractive force
  • Graphic and digital display of wheel-, drag-, engine power and torque
  • Extrapolation of engine power according to DIN 70020, EEC 80/1269, ISO 1585, JIS D 1001, SAE J 1349
  • Testing program for speed indicator

Load simulation with graphic evaluation:

  • Constant RPM, speed, tractive force
  • Driving simulation

Driving cycles:

  • Simulation of driving cycles (option)
  • E-Drive Control (option)

External Measuring Data:

  • Ambient data: Temperature, Pressure, Ambient air humidity, Intake air temperature
  • Inputs for RPM; Oil temperature (sensors optional)
  • Great variety of recording possibilities of external vehicle measuring data: pressures, temperatures, OBD-data Analogue signals (option: Pressure Temperature Module, OBD-Module, Analogue-Input-Module)
  • Connection of MAHA Emission Testers MGT 5, MDO-2 LON (option) possible.
  • Connection of Krupp/AIC Fuel Consumption Testers for petrol- and diesel engines possible (option).
  • Graphic display of measuring values as a function of time
  • Display of three power measurements in the background


  • Clearly structured DIN A4 colour print-out
  • Performance diagram of continuous and discrete measurement can also be printed as a chart.

Data Base:

  • Storage and loading of performance diagrams
  • Data import and export
  • Programmable load simulation profiles

Radio Remote Control:

  • Operation and control of tester
  • Operation of air cooling fan and other operational possibilities


  • Self-supporting closed roller set with an eddy currend brake
  • Powder coating:
       - frame: blue RAL 5010,
       - running rollers: red RAL 3003
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