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What We Offer

At Kap Tuning we offer a range of perfromance packages. Our Dyno facility is nothing less than state of the art, using the Maha MSR 500 Dynometer providing exceptional accuracy and the ability to show wheel power, torque, run down losses and calculate flywheel power to a very accurate DIN corrected figure. Capable of 4wd and 2wd vehicles.

We also offer and stock a vast range of parts from Omex ECU's to Mintex brake pad's and disc's for all your high performance needs.

We are delighted to have installed the full 4wd dyno system of the maha msr 500 system.  The MAHA MSR 500 is THE most advanced Dyno available with electronic front rear roller synchronisation and motor drive, making it the safest Dyno for ALL 4WD vehicles.  The dyno's rollers aren't connected together in tradional dyno fashion, instead they are linked together in a unique way using electrical motors. These electrical motors react very quickly providing realiability and accuracy. It also means they can therefore cope with any change in axle torque loading as the car shuffles power from the front to rear and vice versa. MAHA AIP, supply many dynos to laboratories and vehicle manufacturers and that technology passes to the MSR range. It is the same as that installed at Porsche, VAG group, Toyota Motorsport and BMW M Power, amongst others.

For Information on our dyno specifications please click here.

Tel : +44 (0) 1303 228200

KAP Tuning

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Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 08:00-17:30

Sat 08:00-13:00

Sun closed


It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in SAFE working condition, this includes adequate oil and water for the engine. Vehicles with obvious safety defects will not be accepted (these include bald or cracked/unsafe tyres etc.) The dyno will be operated to the vehicle owner's specified speed limit. There are always risks (predictable or unpredictable) in running a vehicle at high speeds. KAP accepts no liability for the failure of any mechanical, electrical or any other component on a customer's vehicle during the course of rolling road testing.

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