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Tel : +44 (0) 1303 228200

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri  08:00-17:30

Sat 08:00-13:00

Sun  closed

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Power Runs

A Power Run is a simple and effective way of measuring your vehicles performance. The package consists of one run with a print out, with the option of many different parameters. Our Dyno is capable of monitoring:

Flywheel corrected Bhp and Torque
Overrun Losses
Accurate Air Fuel Ratio
Air Intake Temperature
And many more through the use of the OBD port

Our state of the art maha msr500 dyno allows these vehicles to be run easily and safely with the maha’s complex 4wd system. Our system is specially linked using electronic motors. The electronic motors are able to quickly and accurately control the rollers capable of generating huge torque. It ensures that the rollers turn at the same speed but not necessarily the same force, this is of particular importance for some of the recent complex 4WD systems for in the GTR and many Porsche systems. We can monitor many different parameters from AFR, bhp, torque, transmission loss and many more factors through the OBD port. 

Our dyno ensures we get the best out of our remaps giving you, the customer, confidence in the service. Anyone can claim huge increases in power but unless they have a top quality dyno how can you tell. 

The Maha has added benefits that people often overlook. With our new dyno cell and fan/extraction system we are able to run in fresh engines and gearboxes in a tightly controlled safe environment. We really can cater for any vehicle and have had a huge variety already on our rollers. Our Power Run prices start at £55 inc vat for a calibration run, followed by two power runs. The whole process takes around 30-45 minutes to complete, why not come see what power your car is really making. Stop going on cheaper dynos lacking the accuracy and the technology and start wanting the best!

JUST £60 + VAT

+£10 each additonal run (up to 1 hour)

Dyno Hire

We offer Race Teams and Independant tuners an accurate and powerful facility capable of handling your tuning needs. A trained dyno operator will be on hand to provide neccessary assistance and feedback. We have worked with various tuners over the years and the feedback their customers provide is great. Stop the guessing work when tuning and provide real tangilble evidence of the improvements!

1hr £75 + VAT

1/2 Day £275 + VAT

Full Day £500 + VAT (max 7hrs)

Dyno Days

Dyno Days are available with a similar format to Power Runs at a discounted cost with the more participating.

Group Rates - from only £50 inc. VAT per person*

*based on 10 people

Tel : +44 (0) 1303 228200

KAP Tuning

Shorncliffe MotorparkRoss WayFolkestone

CT20 3UJ


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 08:00-17:30

Sat 08:00-13:00

Sun closed


It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in SAFE working condition, this includes adequate oil and water for the engine. Vehicles with obvious safety defects will not be accepted (these include bald or cracked/unsafe tyres etc.) The dyno will be operated to the vehicle owner's specified speed limit. There are always risks (predictable or unpredictable) in running a vehicle at high speeds. KAP accepts no liability for the failure of any mechanical, electrical or any other component on a customer's vehicle during the course of rolling road testing.

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