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Ecu Tuning


At KAP Tuning we offer a wide range of Ecu upgrades including:

KAP Tuning Remaps
Ecutek Custom Mapping
Superchips Remaps
DPF/EGR Solutions
Aftermarket Ecu Remapping

KAP Tuning Packages

We are specialists in tailor made performance and economy remap chip tuning for every model of car, van, truck and lorry. At KAP Tuning we use the very latest technology and software to ensure you get the best from your vehicle.

An intial power run will be offered, and a technician will read your engine management file through the use of your OBD port. If the OBD port is not usable/ non existant your Ecu will then be removed and placed on our Ecu Jig. The original file is saved and then will then be modified according to your chosen package (Perfromance / Balanced). We will then write this file onto your Ecu and reinstall it. Another power run will be completed for you to see the performance increase. If necessary additonalo power runs are carried out until we are happy with the result.

Our Remaps are not just simple adjustments to the fuel supply, like a tuning box. They include a full remap of the entire engine control function of the ECU including: fuel supply, torque maps, turbo pressure control and throttle maps etc. The result is one the smoothest, most powerful, efficient enhancement to your engine. With our facilities we can create custom tuned maps developed specifically for your vehicle. Time required approx 2-5 Hrs (depending on ECU difficulty).

Two Packages are available:

Blue - Power/Eco Remap
Red - High Performance

From £250 inc. vat
More information on the tuning packages can be found here

Superchips Remapping

Superchips ECU remaps will optimise the performance of your car, helping to maximize your driving pleasure. Engine tuning, for petrol or diesel engines, will change your driving experience.

There are so many limits on driving these days. Even your car's intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. The good news is that the ECU remap software can free you from these limits. We are pioneers in engine ECU remaps for enthusiastic drivers. No one else has invested the time, money and effort into research and development or has the technological know-how that over thirty years' experience of ECU chipping can bring. Leading car manufacturers trust Superchips as the market leaders, recognising their proven expertise in this field. Time required approx 2-3 Hrs.

From £229 inc. vat

DPF/EGR Solutions

A DPF remap will alter the software in the ECU so that in combination with physically removing the DPF, the vehicle will run without logging any error codes, stopping any future regeneration, or bringing any DPF check lights or engine management light on the dash. Benefits include:

  • Improved MPG – when the DPF filter is removed, the car breathes easier and fuel is not wasted on regeneration.
  • Improved Performance – you may have noticed a decrease in performance, gradually over time? Without the restriction in the exhaust system of a blocked DPF, the car will perform much better again.
  • No more limp modes - The ECU can cause the engine to go into Limp Mode to limit potential damage if there is a DPF regeneration failure.
  • No expensive DPF replacements.

When combined with a remap the increase in performance and economy can be quite astounding.

At KAP Tuning our engineering department are able to provide the physical removal of the dpf exhaust system, while our technical department will remove the dpf data from the ecu. (please note that this is only recommened for off road use only as your vehicle may fail an MOT test after this procedure. Time required approx 2-3 Hrs.)

From £220 inc. vat

More information on the tuning packages can be found here. 

Aftermarket Ecu Remaps

At KAP Tuning we have experience with the following standalone ECU's:

Apexi PowerFC

A full health check is provided before to make sure your car is suitable to be run on our Dyno. It is suggested that a number of checks are carried out before you bring your car to us to make the process easier and reduce lost dyno time. Please check:
  • Fuel - You have the correct fuel in the vehicle that you will be normally running as this will affect the tune.
  • Tyres - Please check all tyre pressures and check for damage.
  • Plugs - Make sure that the correct plugs (heat range, gap and type) are installed, this is a big cause in lost dyno time.
  • Oil - Please check you have the correct oil filled to the correct mark. 
  • Coolant - Make sure that the vehicle has the correct amount of coolant.
Our priority is the safety of your cars and our technicians, if your vehicle is unsafe to be run on the dyno then your vehicle may be refused until it meets our standards. Required time varies on customer specification.

From £350 inc. vat

*NOTE: There is nothing illegal about remapping an ECU on an engine. Although you should inform your insurance company of any alterations made to the vehicle. From February 2014 the inspection of the exhaust system carried out during the MOT will include a visual check for the presence of a DPF canister, if fitted as standard equipment. We therefore recommend DPF Removal for non road use.*

For information and specifications of our dyno please click here.

Tel : +44 (0) 1303 228200

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